Take That to the Bank

When was the last time you looked at your bank statement? Hopefully, you are satisfied with what you have in the account. Of course, you can never really have too much money in the bank; but what if you have the “other” problem? A deposit is required. We know exactly what needs to happen to get our account back on track. Oddly enough, the same can be said about your Christian walk. Although life itself has its road blocks and dead ends, the concept of getting back on course is quite simple.

Just as we deposit money into an account and make certain investments to improve our financial standing, we must invest time in God’s word (Matt. 6:33). It is the answer to any and every issue we could possibly encounter in life (John 16:23-24). We’ve all been at that place where we want more from God. We need questions answered, clear directions or sometimes we simply desire to be closer to Him. The remedy for all these things hinges on how much time we invest in Him (Psa. 119:105).

The strength of any relationship is largely based on time spent (Acts 17:27). Have you ever heard the saying, “It takes money to make money”? In other words, you can only expect to get out of something what you put into it. A return on investment is based on … well … an investment. And just like in banking, when we invest time with God, it is given back to us WITH interest (Luke 6:38)! Do not be dismayed if your deposit of prayers, tithes, reading the word and conversations with God seem to just be piling up in a savings account. Trust me, there is coming a time when you will be able to withdraw what God has for you. Of course, for smaller everyday essentials, withdrawals will happen frequently; but for your major concerns or a need for a breakthrough, employ your patience and know that God ALWAYS keeps His promises (Deut. 7:9). Payday is coming! It will be more than what you could ever ask or think (Eph. 3:20-21).

One of the most common things people say when they are trying to receive direction from God is, “I want to hear God’s voice and know it’s Him.” It’s all about invested time (John 10:27). Your relationship with God is no different from any other relationship. The more time you spend with anyone, the more familiar you are with everything from their likes and dislikes, their habits and pet peeves, their passions, their views and their voice. Knowing His voice comes from knowing Him. When you first meet someone, you may not remember the sound of their voice; but over time, you will be able to recognize their voice in a crowd. Even WHAT they say and the WAY they say things will be familiar to you. My sister and I are very close, but there have been times when people have told me that she said a certain thing, and immediately, I knew it was either false or incredibly exaggerated because I know her. There are just some things she simply would not say and there is a certain way she handles situations.

If you truly know God, hearing His voice is not difficult. 1 Corinthians 6:17 says that whoever is joined with God is one with Him. Jesus is the example that all Christians should be living by. Notice, we never see Jesus struggling to hear the voice of God because He is one with the Father (John 10:30). Our humanism allows us to “miss it” every now and again, but a person who has invested the time and forged a relationship with God should know when He is speaking, what He is saying or when another voice is trying to mislead and confuse them. God wants us to succeed and He longs for a relationship with us, we just have to be willing to make the investment.

Kirby N. McKinney


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