Take 2: The Matrix – I Am Morpheus

Part 2: I Am Morpheus

When Neo wakes, Morpheus contacts him. He tells Neo that the Matrix has underestimated who he really is. If they knew the Truth, Neo would be dead. Neo agrees to meet Morpheus and his people and His people debug him. The creature exits his body the same way it entered, as a living bug. However, once it’s thrown out, it turns back into an odd-looking device. I believe the “bug” is a symbol of how we see things. What a regular person may accept as a device, others see a living insect. The device represents what we see in the natural world, but the insect is what is seen when we realize that a spiritual world actually exists. The spiritual allows us to see things as they REALLY are.

As Neo approaches the door to meet Morpheus, Trinity encourages Neo to be honest, “He knows more than you can imagine,” she says. Obviously, Morpheus represents God. He is the head honcho who began it all. Morpheus is the beginning of freedom from the Matrix just as God is the beginning of freedom for us (John 8:36). He knows us better than we know ourselves (Jer. 1:5). So, who better to guide us to our destiny than Him? When Neo finally meets him, Neo feels honored; but Morpheus corrects him saying that the honor is actually his. Although God is the Father, He proclaims that Jesus is His Son in whom He’s well-pleased (Matt. 3:17). I do believe God’s proudest moment, as a Father, was when He gave us Jesus. God was truly honored. He loved the world so much that He gave His best to us and for us, so that we could be reconciled back to Him (John 3:16). Morpheus tells Neo that he’s there because he knows something that he cannot explain. He’s felt it his whole life. We all have an innate knowing of God whether we can explain it or want to recognize it or not (Romans 1:19-20). Morpheus explains that Neo has always known that there was something not quit right with the world. The reason? We were all born into a prison, not just physically, but mentally. We are slaves in this world, which blinds us from the truth (Psa. 51:5). This is similar to Saul believing and living a life that he was certain was true, but he did not see the light until the scales fell from his eyes and he could understand what God meant to his life (Acts 9:17-18). Morpheus, like God, offers Neo a choice: two pills, one blue and one red. The blue would allow Neo to go back to his regular life and believe whatever he desires. The red pill (like the blood of Jesus) offers Neo a life where the scales are removed, and he can start living for real. Neo chooses the red pill.

As they prep Neo for his transformation, Trinity is right by his side. Although Trinity is not the Holy Spirit in the movie, she is a constant help. Neo tends to confide in her throughout the film. He often looks to her with questions, and each time, she patiently answers. Trinity’s name is an obvious shout out to the Holy Trinity, and in some ways, she embodies all three entities at different points during the film (Gen.1, John 1). She is a helper, teacher, comforter, guide, advisor, advocate, caretaker, encourager and a warrior (John 14:26, 1 John 2:1, Psa. 4:2). Neo sees a mirror that is cracked, but when he stares into the mirror, it begins to come together as a solid piece. He touches the mirror, and it’s actually liquid. The cracked mirror is his old life, riddled with damage. But as the mirror repairs itself, it’s saying to Neo that life will begin to come together and be restored (2 Cor. 5:17). When he discovers the mirror is liquid, it is a sign that life from this point on will never be the same and new possibilities await him. The life of a Christian has been downplayed for many generations; however, our lives should be anything but typical. Raising the dead and laying hands on the sick is considered to be impossible for most, but not for the Christian (John 14:12-14). Neo’s eyes are about to be opened.

Kirby N. McKinney

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