Take 2: The Matrix – Revelation (Finale)

Immediately after leaving the Oracle, Morpheus tells Neo that what was said is between him and the Oracle. So, Neo does not reveal what was told to him. Not long after leaving the Oracle, Morpheus’ crew gets caught in a straight up war with the agents. The war is sparked because Cypher negotiated a deal with the agents to be reinserted back into the Matrix as a rich man under one condition, he has to give them Morpheus. Cypher, like Judas, is a traitor who is hip to the truth, but is blinded by riches (Matt. 26:14-16). There’s absolutely nothing wrong with obtaining wealth; but it’s the way you get it that makes all the difference.

As the battle intensifies, Mouse is the first martyr. Like Stephen, he was young (Acts 7:54-60). As they close in on the group, one agent tries to kill Neo. Morpheus volunteers to fight the agent and tells the group to get Neo out because he’s all that matters. Morpheus loses the fight against the agent and is captured. Cypher sneaks away from the group and is able to get back to the ship before the rest of them. He does this so he can literally pull the plug on his team members. After shooting Tank and killing Dozer, Switch and Apoc, he focuses his attention towards Neo. He challenges the validity of Morpheus’ claims that Neo is the One, by attempting to pull the plug on him. Cypher believes that if Neo really is the One, there will have to be some kind of miracle to stop him from dying. Just then, Tank retrieves his gun and kills Cypher.

Once Trinity and Neo are brought back, they discuss what to do about Morpheus. The longer Morpheus is in the agents’ custody, he becomes weaker and will eventually lose his mind and the codes to Zion will belong to the Matrix. To save Zion, Tank proposes that they pull the plug on Morpheus. Trinity reluctantly agrees, but Neo has a different plan. Everything that the Oracle told him is happening. Neo decides to go back into the Matrix to save Morpheus. Trinity goes with him.

On their quest to rescue Morpheus, Neo whispers to himself, “There is no spoon.” Neo is freeing his mind and becoming the One. Jesus was not born as a powerful adult. He had to grow into His wisdom (Luke 2:52). Neo and Trinity locate Morpheus and Neo really shows impressive skill, intelligence, strength and courage, when he saves Morpheus from the agents and Trinity from dying in a helicopter crash. Morpheus asks Trinity, “Now, do you believe.” Neo tries to tell Morpheus that he’s not the One, but Morpheus reveals that the Oracle only told him what he needed to hear. Morpheus reminds Neo that there’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.

The agents are irritated that the crew is winning. Morpheus and Trinity get back safely, but an agent interrupts Neo’s return. Neo is alone with the agent, and unknowingly ushers in the final battle between the Matrix and Zion. This is the most critical point in the film. The agent continuously refers to Neo as Mr. Anderson, but right before Neo is about to “die,” he corrects the agent with four simple words: “My name is Neo.” This is where the Oracle’s truth comes into play. She said the Neo would have to make a choice to save his life or Morpheus’ life. When he says that his name is Neo, he confirms that Mr. Anderson no longer exist. Mr. Anderson is dead. Neo chooses to let go of Mr. Anderson for good. Matthew 16:25, says that those who wish to hold on to his life will lose it, but those who give up their lives for Me (Jesus) will find it. Dying to self is a necessary part of the Christian walk. We are transformed when we give our lives to Christ (2 Cor. 5:17).

Just when the agent thinks he’s about to annihilate Neo, Neo turns the tables on him and kills the agent. Of course, agents never really die. As Neo walks away, the agent jumps off the subway. Neo runs! Neo contacts Tank for the nearest phone. Neo hears the phone ringing and opens the door to find an agent with a gun. As neo stares down the barrel of the gun, he is shot multiple times and he flatlines. Morpheus is floored. Trinity refuses to believe that Neo is dead. She encourages him to wake up and finish the fight by revealing her love for him. It was love that brought him back to life. God loved us so much that He gave His only Son to be crucified and brought back to life in order to free us (John 3:16). Meanwhile, the agents feel gratified in Neo’s demise, that is until he wakes and rises again. Just like with Jesus, they believed him to be dead, but they were mistaken.

The agents begin shooting at Neo. Neo sees the bullets coming for him and simply says “no.” He holds out his hand and his power literally freezes the bullets in mid-flight. He takes one of the bullets and examines its frailty in light of his resurrection. Neo finally realizes he’s untouchable. He drops the one bullet he’s holding in his hand. And with one look, the other bullets fall on their own. The agents lower their guns in astonishment. Neo finally sees the Matrix for what it really is. The main agent runs at Neo for more hand-to-hand combat. The agent tries to fight Neo as hard as he can, but the fight is just too easy for Neo. Neo fights the agent with one hand without much effort. He flings the agent away with his foot like a fly. The agent is perplexed and embarrassed. Neo runs towards the agent and literally jumps into his body. He causes him to explode from the inside out. Fragments of the agent’s body flies while Neo, fully intact, is left standing. When Neo flexes, the atmosphere bends with him. Neo is in total control of the world around him, no longer being influenced by it, but being the influencer. For the first time, the agents run, proving he’s the One.

The final scene opens with Neo’s voice. He’s calling and reaching out to those who need to be awaken. He makes it clear that his purpose is not to show us where things end, but rather, where they begin (1 Peter 1:3). His purpose is to show us a world without borders or boundaries, a world where anything is possible (2 Cor. 3:17, Matt. 19:26). There is freedom in Christ. And we are no longer subjected to a life of self-effort where we have to “prove” ourselves to God. We are free to live in His grace. As we hear Neo’s voice, we see the Matrix codes; but suddenly, the codes freeze and an error message appears that reads system failure. The Matrix is officially defeated. Finally, we see Neo in the every day world as he hangs up the phone. He takes a look around at the people, puts on his sunglasses and literally flies toward the sky, showing the people the impossible.

Kirby N. McKinney

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