No More Punching Clocks

The new abortion law that bans women from having abortions beyond the 6-week mark is stirring up intense controversy. Truthfully, I understand both arguments. Some say the new law is an attack against human rights, women’s rights and women’s sexuality. Others believe that the slaughter of the innocent can only be classified as murder … and since the baby is human, what about their rights? Of all the moral issues, I think abortion is the toughest one because of the crime of rape: incest, statutory or typical rape. While it is true that the vast majority of abortions are carried out by women who have not been raped, but simple don’t want the responsibility of a child, I still have reservations about passing such a law, especially when there are still legitimate victims out there. My purpose is not to judge any of these women, whether they have been raped or just irresponsible. I want to address the greater issue of Christians’ responsibilities to others.

I’m not sure how things operate in other countries, but in America, we are BIG believers in convenient, comfortable and care-free lifestyles. While I appreciate some of the technologies and innovations that have made life easier, the idea of comfort has gotten out of control without regards to necessary limitations. This kind of life allows people to relinquish responsibility and ownership. Nowadays, people no longer have to go out to shop or eat. Goods can be delivered straight to their doors. Forget waking up and going to school (K through college). You can get educated online. Having trouble finding love or finding a way out of your marriage for cheap? No problem! You can find your forever mate or get divorced on the Internet. Hey parents, don’t worry about spending time with your children. Let the mobile device do it for you. Unfortunately, and probably the greatest tragedy to date is that Christianity is not exempt from this lifestyle. We expect EVERYTHING to be easy, and at the first sign of difficulty, we run. It’s no wonder people today don’t have the grit, loyalty, discipline, work-ethic, contentment or grateful attitudes we saw in previous generations. Our kids have become entitled and the adults couldn’t commit to anything if their lives depended on it (2 Tim. 3:1-2).

As I’ve stated in previous posts, Christianity is NOT for punks, wimps or those looking for the easy way out. If you’re searching for instant gratification and/ or fame, then Christianity is NOT for you. It’s that simple! Too many folks have been tricked into believing that God is some kind of genie, and His only purpose is to make sure that you achieve the American Dream. However, this way of thinking is self-centered and directly linked to the principles that American culture feeds us daily. We approach God with a Consumer Attitude that that says, “If I do my “Good-Christian duty” and show up to church on Sunday, then God is obligated to give me what I want out of life; and if I don’t get it, I shake my fist at Him and I no longer have to pray, fast, tithe or read the Word. If God can’t hold up His end of the bargain why should I?” For the millions of people that believe this, I’m going to stop you right here. First of all, your involvement with God is NOT a bargain or business deal. It’s supposed to be a relationship. Christianity is not like punching the clock at work. If you have put in a certain number of hours on the job and your company doesn’t want to pay you for your time, that’s a problem. If you aren’t receiving the things that God has promised in His Word … that’s YOUR problem.

Secondly, God is not a man that He should lie (Numbers 23:19). God PROMISES that those who DO His Word – not just those who ONLY hear it but don’t do it, ultimately deceiving themselves – will experience abundant life; and this includes, but also, goes beyond finances (James 1:22-25). Too many Christians just want to do their due diligence by showing up to hear the Word, but there’s no action, and certainly no change in lifestyle, to accompany what was heard. Signs of God’s power should follow those who believe and do His Word (Mark 16:17-18). The purpose of these signs is not for a person to boast about how spiritual they are. The signs are proof for those who do not know God. Your life should be an example of God’s greatness: love, power, wisdom, etc. But doing the Word is not usually the easiest or most comfortable thing for any Christian across the globe. So, you can imagine that this isn’t the best news for an American. Thus, we go on about our lives wearing the Christian title but ever-striving to be as comfortable as humanly possible, free of controversy, persecution and discipline. “It’s just easier fitting into the world’s system rather than going against the grain,” some may say. But we are doing this at the expense of souls … literally. If there is no Godly example for the lost to follow, then how can Christians expect them to come to know and receive Him into their hearts? Laws don’t change the hearts of man. It only FORCES people to align with legal obligations. God looks at the heart (1 Sam. 16:7); therefore, following Christ is not an obligation. It’s all about having a relationship with a person who gave His life for you because He is so in love with you.

Dare I say that most Christians have no right to legally enforce Biblical truths they don’t even believe enough to actually do themselves. If as many people, who claim Christianity, really lived the Word, we wouldn’t see so many women running to the abortion clinics, because they would understand that they are more valuable then to give themselves to uncommitted men and produce a child they’re not ready to take responsibility for. Even better: Our example of the living Christ would reveal to men that they don’t have to go around raping women just to fulfill unhealthy desires or prove their manhood. Can we save the whole world? Maybe not. But there would certainly be a dramatic decrease in abortions, irresponsible sex and rape if WE start living as we should and ministering to all those who will listen. Because truly, if we are not a part of the solution, we are part of the problem. We cannot complain about a world we refuse to change; nor, should we push our responsibility off on “the law” simply because we are too “comfortable” to care about our life’s impact … or the lack thereof. Get it together, Christians! If we want to see real change, we first have to change.

Kirby N. McKinney

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