What If?

It’s never been a secret that I’m a Christian; and occasionally, I have to defend that title. Anytime my beliefs are challenged by a friend, coworker or just someone inquiring about my “lifestyle,” they almost always ask me the same question: What if God doesn’t exist? What if Christianity is a hoax, and you’ve just … More What If?


What is a GOAT? Simply put … it means the “Greatest of all Time.” If you ask most people how they would describe a GOAT, they would mostly describe a “boss,” which is a successful (and sometimes cool) person who never settles for less. They are the “large and in charge” type of people, who … More G.O.A.T.

The Great Con

A certain Atlanta pastor always says, “If you take the ‘text’ out of ‘context’ you’re left with a ‘con.’” My friend and I recently had a discussion about how people interpret the Bible. While it’s true that certain things can minister to different periods in life, most of what’s written is fairly straight forward, especially … More The Great Con