Every Day

“Live the story you want to tell.” – Les Brown Go for your purpose as if your life depends on it … because it DOES! No matter what you have ever been told, you have a DIVINE PURPOSE for your life. Regardless of the mistakes you’ve made, God is ready and waiting for you to … More Every Day

You’re Invited!

“If you don’t want the Devil at your party, don’t send him an invitation.” Periodically, I like to take inventory of myself. I step back and look at a few things: areas of growth, accomplishments, weaknesses, opportunities for change and life’s overall direction. Each time I do a “self-assessment,” one thing is the driving force … More You’re Invited!


Root (noun) – the basic cause, source or origin of something Throughout life we develop certain behaviors and ways of thinking based on learned behavior and experiences. Of course, we can credit genetics to some of these behaviors, but for the most part, our mindset has the greatest influence on who we become. Even our … More Roots


One of my favorite parables of Jesus is the teaching of the different types of seeds. This parable can be found in Matthew, Mark and Luke. The seeds represent the four ways people receive the Word of God. Which category do you fall into? Mark 4: 3-8 3 “Listen! A farmer went out to sow … More Seeds